2013 Weep Hole Airflow Research

Weepa commissioned new airflow research in 2013 to test a wider range of products and some new prototypes. Results showed that all bar one of the supplied weep hole inserts had no significant restriction of the airflow under normal and extreme operating conditions at typical or even high gust weather conditions. Fortunately the product that resulted in airflow restriction was not one that Weepa manufactures. Check out the full report below to see how the products performed.

Airflow Restriction Research Report - Griffith University 2013

Initial Airflow Research - 2008

Dr Daniel James and his team completed the first round of testing at the Nathan campus of Griffith University, Brisbane. Weepa Product Development Manager John Flint commissioned the team to measure airflow through a number of Weepa weep hole designs in various simulated weather conditions. The results show that all of the products tested cause "no significant restriction of the airflow under typical, normal and extreme operating conditions". 

Initial Airflow Research Report