New Generation Bushfire Weepa - new!

Product Overview

Just landed!!  We are still in the process of letting our resellers know, so if you need this product urgently just ask them to contact us.

  • The New Generation Bushfire Weepa has been tested to AS1530.8.1:2018 on 9/4/2019 by BRANZ accredited testing laboratory to meet BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19, BAL-A29 and BAL-A40.  
  • Product Code 23-NGBW
  • If you need to meet BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19 before this product is available use the High Performance Bushfire Weepa.
  • If you have installed another Weepa since the 1st of May, 2019 and need to meet BAL-A29 and BAL-A40, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 07 3844 3744 for help with a solution.
NewGen Cat 2019 small purple
NewGenBF weepa small

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