New Generation Bushfire Weepa - coming soon

Product Overview

Exciting new product - coming June 2019

The New Generation Bushfire Weepa (available June 2019) has been tested to AS1530.8.1:2018 on 9/4/2019 by BRANZ accredited testing laboratory to meet BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19, BAL-A29 and BAL-40.

If you need to meet BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19 before this product is available use the High Performance Bushfire Weepa.
If you need to meet BAL-A29 and BAL-A40 before the New Generation Bushfire Weepa is available, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team who will help with a solution.

The Weepa range is subject to Intellectual Property Rights. Aust Pat Nos 713335, 762230, 2007237177, 2007215369, 2008271915, 2013211506. Aust Pat Aps 2018902177, 2019900971. International PCT AU2007/000004, PCT AU2014/000123. NZ Pat No 567674. NZ Pat Ap 716834. Sth African Pat No 2008/03841. US Pat Nos 8171677, 14/908620. Canadian Pat Nos 2629033,2916320.UK Pat No1984580.Des Reg137021,150609,156915.Aust TM 775282,NZ TM 961710,US TM 1145302