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Product Overview

  • A weep hole former containing stainless steel mesh and fire resistant polymer, designed to protect your home during a bushfire.
  • A special size for use in narrow or kiwi brick.
  • Installed by the bricklayer during construction.
  • When used in masonry construction it is compliant with Bushfire Attack Levels of AS3959:2018 BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5 and BAL-19. 
  • The red mortar protector is removed after installation, leaving a clean and beautiful finish.
  • Ensures ventilation and drainage of the cavity to reduce fungal decay and mildew.
  • Excludes a wide range of pests.
  • Product Code 15-NABW
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The patented grate in the 70mm Bushfire Weepa is designed so that under extreme heat from bush fires it doesn't melt. Instead, it chars and retains its structural integrity. The stainless steel mesh is retained in situ protecting the cavity from fire brands and sparks. Mesh specifications: SS316 grade stainless steel woven mesh, wire aperture 0.415mm, wire diameter 0.22mm

The70mm Bushfire Weepa is suitable for installation in Bushfire Attack Levels BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19 as defined in AS3959-2018.  

The High Performance Bushfire Weepa has been tested by BRANZ, an accredited AS1530.8.1:2018 laboratory, to meet BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5 and BAL-A19.

Installation guides

Download Installation Guide

Bushfire Weepa In Masonry

Step1 70HPBW

Step 1

Install the Weepa between bricks or blocks, at specified intervals and firmly in contact with the flashing. For rendering, set out a few millimetres.

Step2 70HPBW

Step 2

When rendering, the Weepa needs to be loosened in the masonry so the renderer can adjust the Weepa in and out. Grab internal rib to adjust Weepa in and out.

Step3 70HPBW

Step 3

After clean up, use a small, flat screwdriver to prise the mortar cover up at the bottom.

Step4 70HPBW

Step 4

The High Performance Bushfire Weepa has a specially formulated grate (with stainless steel mesh set behind) which chars and self extinguishes.

Bushfire Weepa In Rendered Masonry

Step1 RenderedMasonryBF

Step 1

Make sure the new Weepa is installed when the masonry wall is built.

Step2 RenderedMasonryBF

Step 2

Loosen the Weepa and pull out proud of masonry.

Step3 RenderedMasonryBF

Step 3

Lay on render around the Weepa.

Step4 RenderedMasonryBF

Step 4

Screen off around the Weepa.

Step5 RenderedMasonryBF

Step 5

Pat the Weepa flush with the surface.

Step6 RenderedMasonryBF

Step 6

Float around the Weepa.

Step7 RenderedMasonryBF

Step 7

Sponge finish.
For easy removal later, wipe the mortar guard clean now, then again after painting.

Step8 RenderedMasonryBF

Step 8

After finish and cleanup remove the mortar guard for beautiful weepholes.

Bushfire Weepa In Rendered Lightweight Panel

Step1 PanelBF

Step 1

Mark the outline of the weep hole on each board at recommended centres and between each batten, then cut out with a jab saw.

Step2 PanelBF

Step 2

Fix board as recommended by supplier.
Attention: Weepa does not encourage cutting out weep hole after fixing as this could compromise the waterproof membrane.

Step3 PanelBF

Step 3

Check Weepa depth at back to ensure adequate clearance of studs and flashing.
Ventilation must not be impeded

Step4 PanelBF

Step 4

If necessary, cut the back off the Weepa and remove dags.

Step5 PanelBF

Step 5

Apply recommended glue to Weepa and push into weep hole slot so it acts as formwork for coating or finish.
Smooth off excess glue. Allow to dry.

Step6 PanelBF

Step 6

Apply render or coating.
Screed as desired.

Step7 PanelBF

Step 7

Sponge as required.
Clean the Weepa cover of excess render, finish and paint at each stage.

Step8 PanelBF

Step 8

After final finish and clean up remove cover.
End result: beautiful and functional Weepa weep holes!

Installing Weepas during Construction

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