Bushfire Compliance at a Glance

Weepa has a range of products to help you comply with the relevant Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) referenced in NCC:2019 Australian Building Code and published as AS3959:2018. Protecting weep holes is critical to prevent sparks and embers entering the wall cavity and causing unseen ignition of combustable materials in the cavity and the roof.

For installation during construction:

The High Performance Bushfire Weepa meets BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19.

The New Generation Bushfire Weepa (available June 2019) meets BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19, BAL-A29, BAL-A40.

If you need to meet BAL-A29 and BAL-A40 before the New Generation Bushfire Weepa is available, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team who will help with a solution.

The Stainless Steel Weepa meets all levels, BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19, BAL-A29, BAL-A40 and BAL-FZ. 

For retrofit to existing homes:

The Protector Weep Hole Screen meets all levels, BAL-LOW, BAL-12.5, BAL19, BAL29, BAL-40 and BAL-FZ.

Bushfire Compliance in detail.

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High Performance Bushfire Weepa

All features of the Standard Weepa plus grate including stainless steel mesh and fire resistant polymer, for bushfire protection compliant with AS3959:2018 BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5 and BAL-A19.

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SS Weepa

Stainless Steel Weepa

Fully stainless steel weephole former for prestige look and bushfire protection compliant with all BAL levels of AS3959:2018.

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Protector with tool RGB

Protector Weep Hole Screen

Already Built? Can be retrofitted into existing weepholes for pest and bushfire protection compliant with all BAL levels of AS3959:2018.

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