Weepholes are essential for ventilation and drainage of brick walls, but create problems with mice, cockroaches, bees, wasps, termites and more. In bushfire prone areas they must be screened to meet AS3959:2018. We have weep hole covers and vents to solve these problems.
Weepa commissioned new airflow research in 2013 to test a wider range of products and some new prototypes. Read the full report to see how the products performed.
'Leaky Building Syndrome' describes when water penetrates the building envelope and is held between the interior and exterior skins. Fungal growth then literally eats away the wall materials.
Here at Weepa we receive many calls from home owners who are either worried about, or have been told that, the damp and moisture problems in their homes are caused by the entry of water through weepholes.
Mould, blistering paint and damp and cracking plaster. What is the cause, rising damp or Leaky building Syndrome? While rising damp was a big issue in older inner city houses it’s not common in modern housing.
Most high front guttering installed with spring clip systems in Australia does not comply with Australian building codes and Australian Standards. This roll formed guttering pushes water back into the cavity under certain conditions.