Choosing the Correct Weepa

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NewGen Cat 2019 small purple

New Generation Bushfire Weepa - new!

All features of the Standard Weepa plus fully stainless steel grate, for bushfire protection compliant with AS3959:2018 BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19, BAL-A29 and BAL-40. Product Code 23-NGBW

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Screen Shot 2014 03 19 at 12.07.55 PM

High Performance Bushfire Weepa

All features of the Standard Weepa plus grate including stainless steel mesh and fire resistant polymer, for bushfire protection compliant with AS3959:2018 BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5 and BAL-A19. Product Code 11-HPBW.

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Standard Weepa small

Standard Weepa

Economical and functional solution for attractive vermin proof weepholes during construction. Fantastic for neat rendered weepholes. Adjustable for facebrick, rendered brick and blockwork. Product Code 14-STDW.

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SS Weepa

Stainless Steel Weepa

A luxury Weepa made from 316 stainless steel for prestige projects. Installed during construction and bushfire protection compliant with all BAL levels of AS3959:2018 up to and including BAL-FZ.

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SS Weepa 2 sizes

50mm Stainless Steel Weepa

A 50mm fully stainless steel weep hole former for prestige look and use with smaller bricks. Provides bushfire protection compliant all BAL levels of AS3959:2018. Product Code 20-SSSW

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Bushfire Weepa 2 sizes

70mm Bushfire Weepa

Shortened version of High Performance Bushfire Weepa for use with narrow bricks and compliant with AS3959:2018 BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5 and BAL-A19. Product Code 15-NABW

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Std Weepa 2 sizes

70mm Weepa

Shortened version of Standard Weepa adjustable for rendered light weight panel and narrow bricks. Product Code 13-NAPW

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Extender Weepa

90mm Extension

Extends the length of all Weepas for block work and retaining walls. Product Code 17-EXTW

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Protector pack small

Protector Weep Hole Screen

An easy way to protect your home from mice, bees, European wasps, snakes and more. Made from beautiful 316 stainless steel. Easy installation with supplied tool, and also compliant with all Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL's) of AS3959:2018.

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Termite Protector small

Termite Protector Weep Hole Screen - new!

A new patented retrofit device, infused with bifenthrin, designed to deter entry by termites via weepholes for two years, while complying with NCC:2019 for ventilation. Product Code 23-NGBW

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