Everyone wants a pest free home. There are a 3 key actions you can take to achieve this goal:

1. Make conditions around the home less attractive to pests by:

  • Removing potential food sources
  • Making sure there are no leaks or other sources of moisture
  • Keeping the perimeter of the home clear of vegetation and stored goods

2. Carry out preventative pest control treatments.

Whether you choose DIY or a Professional Pest Manager the most important thing is don't take your eye off the ball.  Be vigilant and stick to a routine.

3. Eliminate potential pest entry points.

This one is more easily said than done.

Eliminating entry points around doors and windows is possible by fitting well fitting screens, but weep holes in brick walls are often overlooked.

These spaces between bricks are vital to allow moisture to escape from your wall cavity and to and provide ventilation. So, it's essential to keep them clear.

But, this means they provide direct access to pests. The weep hole leads to the wall cavity – a nice, dry safe place for pests to set up home. What’s more, the wall cavity provides access to the roof void and to the inside of the home through vents. This means any pest entering a weep hole can spread to any part of your home.

It's obvious that small pests such as cockroaches and spiders can crawl through weep holes, but vertebrate pests such as lizards, snakes and even mice can also squeeze through a normal weep hole. It may seem incredible, but a mouse can squeeze through a gap as small as the end of your little finger… so a weep hole is no problem!

It’s important to remember that weep holes aren’t only at ground level. In many buildings, certainly in buildings with more than one storey, there will be weep holes at each level. Cockroaches and spiders can come in through these higher weepholes and they are also a favourite entry point for bees and wasps. So to prevent pest entry to a building, weep holes at all levels need to be protected.

The good news is that the Weepa Protector Weep Hole Screen gives homeowners an easy DIY way to stop pests entering through weep holes. The stainless steel Weepa Protector provides a physical barrier to a wide range of pests. Unlike a plastic weep hole cover the mice cannot gnaw through to gain entry. 

Importantly, although the Weepa Protector keeps pests out, it has been designed and tested to still allow moisture to escape and air to enter. As a bonus it also excludes embers in bushfire prone areas.

Each Protector can be accurately installed in seconds with the supplied applicator making it simple for any homeowner or property manager to protect their buildings from pest entry.

Protector Weep Hole Screens are available in packs of 20 at good hardware stores including Bunnings.

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