All too often, we hear of homeowners pushing steel wool or pot scrubbers into weep holes to block them and keep pests out.

We get it, and at first glance it looks like a clever, cost effective and innovative solution.

BUT, here's why you should NEVER do it!!

1. Weep holes are small but mighty features in cavity brick walls. They are specified in Australian Standards so air can circulate and you don't get damp problems in your house.  And, if there's a leak, or an overflow, for example from a plumbing pipe or gutter overflow, water can escape outside through the weep holes. Both steel wool and pot scrubbers are much too dense to allow weep holes to do their work, so while you may solve one problem in the short term, you may well create a much more serious one down the track.

2. The steel wool used in these products is not designed for long life or outdoor use so you risk staining your bricks and render over time.

Protector versus others

Here at Weepa we're obsessed with how to safely screen weep holes. Our Stainless Steel Weep Hole Protector (centre position in image above) has been developed to protect from pests without creating new problems:

1. Design based on research commissioned by Weepa at Griffith University to ensure it doesn't obstruct airflow and water can escape.  More

2. It's made from 316 marine grade stainless steel so won't rust even when exposed to salt, or mortar corrosion.

AND... they are easy to install and look great!  More