How to comply with weephole requirements of AS3959:2018 BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19, BAL-A29, BAL-A40 and BAL-FZ.
The Australian Building Code NCC:2019 and Australian Standards AS3959:2018 and AS1530.8.1:2018 are concerned with improving the quality of Australian buildings and the health and safety of their occupants.
Major bushfires such as the Canberra firestorm and Black Saturday fires have focused public attention on the protection of homes and lives during future bushfires.
In recent years several plastic weep hole products without metal mesh have achieved compliance with AS39659:2007 via testing in accordance with in AS1530.8.1(2007). Here at Weepa we have some serious concerns about this trend.
The original design of the High Performance Bushfire Weepa was the result of extensive testing undertaken at CSIRO Manufacturing & Infrastructure Technology, at Ryde in Sydney, NSW.
Bushfire Attack Levels in AS3959:2018 BAL - Low There is insufficient risk to warrant specific construction requirements. BAL - 12.5 Ember attack and radiant heat up to 12.5kW/m2. BAL - 19 Increasing levels of ember attack